The Teeth Whitening Kit: All You Need to Know

Your smile is the focal point of your being, and for most, the first impression of you depends on your smile. A healthy smile depicts confidence and warmth which can be a real crowd-pleaser. The MySmile Teeth Whitening Kit helps you achieve just that! Specially designed to whiten your teeth without any pain, in just 30 minutes, the teeth whitening kit is a premium and economical alternative to in-chair whitening procedures.

Teeth Whitening Kit

While the growing trend of beautification has induced the need for individuals to maintain or enhance their looks, the costs of achieving this goal are too high. The average in-chair teeth whitening procedure costs the patient roughly Rs.40,000 – Rs.50,000. It is safe to say that not everyone can afford this option and that is where we step in! With the teeth whitening kit, you get similar results while saving up to 700%.

MySmile Teeth Whitening Kit Includes:

The MySmile Teeth Whitening Kit comes in a compact box that includes an LED light, one mouth tray, three gels, a shade card, and an instruction manual. Extra attention and time went into the design of the mouth tray, as a result of which, we were able to curate a one-size tray that fits all. To whiten your teeth, apply a string of teeth whitening gel along the front outer surface of the trays that come in contact with your teeth. Switch on the LED light, place it in your mouth, and enjoy the luxury of white, bright, and clean teeth at home!

MySmile Teeth Whitening Kit

Our customers are our top priority which is why we pay attention to each and every detail that goes into manufacturing this kit for you. We want you to have the best teeth whitening experience that is safe and effective and eliminates any concerns or uncertainty you may have regarding the kit. For this very reason, a lot of time and effort went into the R&D for the teeth whitening kit allowing us to provide you with a formula that is not only approved by the ADA but also FDA regulated thus ensuring safe teeth whitening!

Fun Fact

Here’s a fun fact: just like finger-prints, tooth prints are also unique to each individual! So, while we guarantee a bright and white smile within 6-9 sessions, it is also important to note that each user’s experience differs. Not all individuals will acquire the same kind of results, it varies from person to person based on several factors be it your oral hygiene or other underlying conditions. For this very reason, co-Founder and Creative Head, Dr. Haris Nadeem(BDS) is available at all times for any kind of queries or concerns. Whether it’s something regarding the kit or a dental condition that’s bothering you, we are just a call away! Reach out and let us assist you in any way we can.

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